How to Enroll

APWU Health Plan Enrollment Codes


Self Only

Self & Family

High Option



Consumer Driven Option




Postal Service Employees:


Non-Postal Employees / Annuitants:

Postal employees can enroll or make changes to their benefit plan through the PostalEASE telephone system in Greensboro and/or website. By telephone, call PostalEASE at 877-477-3273, Option 5.

By internet, access the LiteBlue page at You must have your Employee Identification Number and USPS Pin# in order to access the PostalEASE systems.

  1. To access PostalEASE, enter in your browser’s address bar.  Click the "I agree" button.  The PostalEASE logon screen will appear.
  2. Log on by entering your employee id (which can be found on your paystub) and your USPS PIN.  Don’t know your PIN?  Click where it says"If you do not know your USPS PIN, click here".  You can then reset your PIN using the "Self Service PIN Reset Application".
  3. The PostalEASE main menu will appear.  Under the "Benefits" heading,select "Federal Employees Health Benefits".
  4. The Federal Employees Health Benefits page will appear.  Scroll to the bottom and click "Continue".
  5. The Plan Year Selection Menu will appear.  Click "Open Season".
  6. The Open Season Transaction Menu will appear.  Click "Enroll or Change Enrollment"
  7. The Open Season Enrollment form will appear.  In the "New Enrollment Code" selection area, scroll to and choose the APWU Health Plan you’d like to join: 471-High Option (self), 472-High Option (self+family), 474 Consumer Driven Option (self), or 475-Consumer Driven Option (self+family).  Enter other information (gender, marital status, phone number, etc.).  Click "Validate".
  8. Follow the prompts to validate your enrollment in the APWU Health Plan.

To enroll in either the High Option or Consumer Driven Option, you will need to fill out the FEHB Health Benefits Election Form (SF 2809).  This form is available from your employing office or on OPM’s website.  Click here for form.

If you need to modify your benefits, (example: add/remove dependent or spouse) you will need to fill out the FEHB Notice of Change in Health Benefits Enrollment Form (SF 2810).  This form is available from your employing officer or on OPM’s website. Click here for form.

Electronic and telephonic enrollment is available in some agencies and for most annuitants.