Membership Requirements

All Federal and Postal employees and annuitants who are eligible to enroll in the FEHB Program may become members of APWU Health Plan. To enroll, you must be or must become, a member of the American Postal Workers Union.

Postal Employees


Federal Employees/Annuitants (retirees)

All active Postal Service APWU bargaining unit employees must be a dues paying member of the APWU, except where exempt by law. On your registration form, in item 1 of Part B, enter the number of your APWU local immediately after the name of APWU Health Plan. Postal Service employees in non-APWU bargaining units (i.e. letter carriers, mail handlers, rural carriers) may now enroll in the APWU Health Plan as Associate Members and pay only a $35 per year Associate Membership fee. Annuitants (retirees) may enroll in this Plan. Active and retired Postal Service employee’s membership dues vary by APWU local.

There is a new pricing rate for American Postal Workers Union members and Nurses bargaining unit employees. The new rate applies only to APWU members and NPPN members who are active postal employees, RSC’s, C, G, N, and P and where enrolled in FEHB as of November 21, 2006. This premium does not apply to associate members.


You will automatically become an associate member of APWU Health Plan when you enroll in the APWU Health Plan. Annuitants (retirees) may enroll in this Plan.

Associate membership dues are $35 per year. APWU will bill new associate members for the annual dues when it receives notice of enrollment. APWU will also bill continuing associate members for the annual membership.