Emotional support resources for those affected by the mass shootings in Maine

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the mass shootings in Maine. Please know that your Health Plan is here for you.

The devastation caused by the mass shootings in Maine has had a profound impact on Androscoggin, Cumberland, Kennebec, and Oxford counties.

We want you to know that the Optum Support Line, a toll-free emotional support help line, is available free of charge and open to anyone. This line will be open for two weeks from the date of the event—until November 8, 2023:

Optum Support Line


Monday – Friday

8 am – 8 pm CT

Select 1 to access national resources, Aunt Bertha and 211.

Select 2 to access the Optum Emotional Support Public Line. After you listen to a series of disclaimers, you will be connected to a counselor.

Aunt Bertha/FindHelp

The service formerly known as Aunt Bertha is now called FindHelp. FindHelp can connect you to resources available locally. In Maine, there are 111 mental health/counseling services available.

Visit FindHelp

Call 211 for help

211 is a national resource that provides a variety of services, such as talking through a traumatic event. Simply call 211 to speak with a live person or visit to text, web chat, or search for resources.

Visit 211