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Members have access to 1.7+ million providers in the UnitedHealthcare network

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A Medicare Advantage plan for High Option retirees

• $0 copays for covered medical services
• $85 monthly Part B premium subsidy
• $60 quarterly over-the-counter item allowance

Order free at-home COVID‑19 tests

U.S. households can order free rapid COVID-19 test kits online at APWU Health Plan members are also covered 100% for at-home COVID-19 tests. Select your plan for more details.

Medicare Part D pharmacy benefits for retirees

High Option retirees can receive coverage at no extra cost through Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) for APWU Health Plan.

Millions of Americans experience depression.

Most people see improvements with treatment.

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“The claims department representative did a great job helping me. She was able to answer all of my questions and clear up any confusion we had regarding claims submissions. I was very grateful for her help!”


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