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APWU Health Plan partners with postal and federal families to create a lifestyle dedicated to healthy living. We are committed to providing our members with innovative high-quality products and services.
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From Our Members

We’ve been with APWU Health Plan for years. I just want to say I have received excellent customer service from APWU Health Plan. The representatives are well trained, and they know what they’re talking about. They’re very helpful.


Enroll in your benefits during Open Season, Nov 8 – Dec 13.
Learn about COVID-19 and help control the spread of the coronavirus.
Get answers to your questions and learn more about our plans.
Find out how physical activity can ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Read the latest Plan news from Director Sarah J. Rodriguez.
Enroll within 60 days of completing your 360-day initial appointment.

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Find out where vaccines and booster shots are available in your state.
Learn more about testing and the availability of vaccines and booster shots in your state.
Find network providers near you, and estimate the costs before you get care.
High Option members can see a doctor 24/7 from home.
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You can save money and learn more about your health.

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