EFT and ERA process

As part of our ongoing commitment to help simplify and improve payment transactions for providers, APWU Health Plan has engaged PNC Healthcare to provide new electronic payment methods via their Claim Payments & Remittances (CPR) service, powered by ECHO Health. Outlined below are the new payment options and any action items needed from your office:

1. Virtual card payments

Virtual card payments are an electronic payment method that gives you more control over accepting the payment. If you have a HIPAA certified fax number on file with ECHO, your office will receive a fax notification; if not, your virtual card will be mailed. Each notification will contain a virtual card with a number unique to that payment transaction including an instruction page for processing.

The steps for processing these payments are similar to how you manually enter patient card payments today. Be sure to enter the full amount of the payment prior to the expiration date on the card. Normal transaction fees apply and are based on your merchant-acquirer relationship.

  • If you are not enrolled for EFT/ERA for APWU Health Plan, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED to start receiving virtual card payments from APWU Health Plan.
  • If you would like to expedite delivery of your VCP and EOP by providing an approved fax number, contact ECHO Health at 1-800-927-5373.

2. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments

EFT is a fast and reliable payment method that automatically deposits payments into your bank account. You can also choose to automate the associated remittance information via an 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) sent directly to your organization or your clearinghouse.

Sign up to receive EFT/ERA from APWU Health Plan

Sign up to receive EFT/ERA from APWU Health Plan and all other payers on the ECHO platform

A fee for this service may be required.

3. Paper checks

Check payments with EOPs will continue to be supported by APWU Health Plan but are not the most efficient payment method for you and the health plan. Please consider taking advantage of one of the electronic payment options.

For assistance with your payments and enrollment options, call 1-800-927-5373.

Visit the CPR ECHO Provider Portal to access a detailed explanation of payment (EOP) for each transaction.