How to enroll in an APWU Health Plan as a postal support employee

Postal support employees (PSE) are non-career postal employees. As part of the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the APWU has negotiated for PSEs to have access to the FEHB Program.

As a PSE, you can enroll in the APWU Consumer Driven Option and the United States Postal Service pays 75% of the premium. With other plans, you would be responsible for paying 100% of the premium.

In some areas of the country, PSEs can enroll in the plan through LiteBlue. If you cannot enroll online, download and complete the forms on this page.

Two ways to enroll

By fax

Fax your enrollment forms to 202‑268‑0359.
Keep your confirmation as a receipt.

By mail

Send your enrollment forms
by certified mail to:
Shared Services
Benefits and Compensation
P.O. Box 970400
Greensboro NC, 27497‑0400


Contact HR Shared Services: 1‑877‑477‑3273 (option 5) or TTY, 1‑866‑260‑7507

Download the required PSE enrollment forms

  • Employee Cost Acknowledgement
  • PostalEASE FEHB Worksheet — complete pages 3 – 5
    • New plan name:

      Consumer Driven Option
    • New enrollment codes:

  • PS Form 8141: Sufficient earnings requirement
  • PS Form 8202: Pre-tax election/waiver

Two times to enroll

  • Enroll during Open Season after completing your 360-day initial appointment
  • Enroll within 60 days of completing your 360-day initial appointment