About APWU Health Plan

Who we are

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Health Plan is a national preferred provider organization (PPO) that offers both a fee-for-service High Option plan and a Consumer Driven Option health plan. Both options are open to all employees or retirees covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. Located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, the Health Plan is a department of the American Postal Workers Union. We employ 200 people to service the 205,000 people covered by the Health Plan.

Meet our leaders

Mark Dimondstein

American Postal Workers Union

Mark Dimondstein is president of the American Postal Workers Union, which represents 250,000 employees in the clerk, maintenance and motor vehicle crafts. Prior to taking office in November 2013, was elected to six consecutive terms as president of the Greater Greensboro Area Local, serving from 1986 to 1998. He also acted as a local shop steward, labor educator, National Arbitration Advocate, EEOC and OWCP representative, and leader of the Workers for One Postal Union movement.

A strong history of activism

Throughout his many years of activism, Dimondstein has held a fervent belief that the union belongs to the members, The American people deserve vibrant public postal services, and workers everywhere deserve dignity and respect.

Beginning in 2000, Dimondstein served as national lead field organizer for 10 years. In this role, he engaged in a series of ground-breaking union organizing campaigns and contract negotiations for private-sector workers in the mailing industry. In recognition, he received the AFL-CIO Southern Organizer of the Year Award in 2001.

Dimondstein was appointed by the Greensboro City Council to serve on the Greensboro Human Relations Commission, a position he held for six years. In addition, he served as the coordinator of North Carolina Labor Against the War, co-founded the Greensboro Chapter of Jobs with Justice, and helped initiate a local coalition, Postal Customers and Workers United to Save the Public Postal Service.

Sarah Jane Rodriguez

APWU Health Plan

Sarah Jane Rodriguez is the Director of the APWU Health Plan. This plan has more than 220 employees and more than 105,000 postal and federal plan participants. In 2019, Sarah was elected by the APWU Membership as Director of the APWU Health Plan. Sarah brings more than 14 years of experience as a union leader to this role.

Sarah started working at the U.S. Postal Service at age 18 as a non-career employee. During her tenure in the union, she served as a Steward, Chief Steward, Step 2 Designee, Editor, Co-coordinator of Phoenix Metro Area Local POWER chapter, and APWU representative for the Maricopa Area Labor Federation. She recently served three terms as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Phoenix Metro Area Local.

Sarah plans to continue to educate and support our health plan members through digital strategies. She looks forward to a continued partnership with the Health Plan Representatives. She welcomes feedback from our members with any questions or concerns that they may have.

Sarah and her family now reside in the Baltimore, Maryland, metro area. She is a long-time member of the APWU Health Plan and is committed to affordable quality health care for our membership.