Consumer Driven Option Plan dental benefits

As a member of the Consumer Driven Option Plan, you will receive a Personal Care Account to help you pay for covered services. You can use this account to be reimbursed for covered dental expenses.
  • You pay for dental services at the time of service.
  • Dental services are reimbursable out of your PCA up to a combined maximum of $400 per Self Only enrollment or $800 per Self Plus One and Self and Family enrollment each calendar year.
Interested in even more dental coverage?

The Voluntary Benefits Plan Dental Program is an optional program with an additional premium that supplements the dental benefits in your APWU Health Plan coverage. The cost of these benefits is not included in the FEHB premium and any charges for these services do not count toward any FEHB deductibles, out-of-pocket maximum co-pay charges, etc. These benefits are not subject to the FEHB disputed claims review procedure.

Voluntary Benefits Plan Dental Plan

All participants in the APWU Health Plan who enroll in the Voluntary Benefits Plan Dental Plan will receive discounted premiums for this program versus the general public. You can sign up for this plan either during enrollment in your health plan, or at any time throughout the year.