Medicare Part D pharmacy benefits for the High Option plan

Express Scripts Medicare® (PDP) for APWU Health Plan

High Option retirees can receive Medicare Part D coverage at no extra cost through Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) for APWU Health Plan, a new Medicare Part D plan.

High Option retirees enrolled in Medicare (A or B) who are not enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) will be automatically enrolled in our Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) for APWU Health Plan.

Benefits of the new Medicare PDP include:

  • Same High Option medical benefits—no additional premium
  • FEHB coverage is still in place with advantages of Part D
  • Do not need Medicare Part B
  • Additional drugs available under Medicare Part D
  • Lower copays
  • Four drug tiers instead of six
  • No drug exclusions
  • High Option out-of-pocket maximum: In-network $6,500/13,000 (combined medical and Rx)
  • The CMS donut hole/coverage gap does not apply; no coverage gap for High Option members

Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) is a Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit for FEHB-covered annuitants and FEHB-covered family members who are eligible for Medicare. Your benefits under this prescription drug plan will never be less than your coverage that is available under our FEHB High Option Plan.

For your convenience, you will be automatically enrolled in our PDP and continue to remain enrolled in our FEHB High Option Plan. Participation in the PDP is voluntary, and you can opt out at any time.

Contact or visit Express Scripts for complete guidelines

For details about the new Medicare Part D plan, contact Express Scripts Medicare:

Call 1-844-818-8790

24 hours a day

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Visit Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) to estimate costs and view additional guidelines:

Express Scripts Medicare (PDP)(external link)

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