The Consumer Driven Option features a Personal Care Account (PCA)

Every member who enrolls in the APWU Health Plan Consumer Driven Option (CDHP) receives a Personal Care Account. Each year, the Plan adds to your account:

$1,200 per year for Self Only enrollment
$2,400 per year for Self Plus One and Self and Family enrollment

Your PCA covers all eligible expenses at 100%. For example, if you are ill and go to a network doctor for a $60 visit, the doctor will submit your claim and the cost of the visit will be deducted automatically from your PCA. You pay nothing.

And the best news? In-network preventive care covered under CDHP Section 5 does not count against your PCA.


Balance in PCA (Self Only) $1,200
Minus the cost of your visit - 60
Balance remaining in PCA $1,140


  • In-network preventive care covered under CDHP Section 5 does NOT count against your PCA.
  • See pages 83-85 of the 2022 Federal Brochure.

You choose how your healthcare dollars are spent

  • Your preventive care is covered up to 100 percent when performed in-network.
  • Generally, you pay less if you choose a doctor from the network.
  • Unused dollars carry over to next year’s plan.
  • Tools on help you check costs for treatment ahead of time.