Health management programs for the High Option plan

The High Option plan includes access to health management programs that help members protect their well-being and live healthier lives. Benefits include a 24-hour nurse line, along with other healthy extras, all with no out-of-pocket costs in most cases.

Confidential 24-hour nurse line

Speak with a registered nurse to discuss medical concerns and receive information about healthcare issues.

Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies®

This program provides support throughout pregnancy and in the weeks following a baby’s birth. Speak to a maternity specialist by phone and receive education about healthy weight, delivery options, birthing class, and maternity benefits.

Weight management

Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Benefits include a $0 copay for an in-network office visit to a registered dietician or nutritionist.

Tobacco cessation

Wellness coaches help members move beyond tobacco and take control of their health. The program includes counseling by phone, group therapy sessions, or educational sessions with a doctor. FDA-approved prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs to treat tobacco dependence are also available for those age 18 or older.

Disease management

Get help managing chronic conditions with outpatient treatment and avoid unnecessary emergency care and inpatient admissions.