COVID-19 benefits for Consumer Driven Option members

APWU Health Plan is committed to providing Consumer Driven Option members with the latest updates about COVID-19 testing, treatments, and vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots

APWU Health Plan offers 100% coverage of COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots for members. The vaccines are safe, effective, and widely available. Adults and children 12 years and older are eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccine Finder COVID-19 Booster Shot FAQ

Search for COVID-19 vaccinations by ZIP code

The COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Locator can help you find public vaccine resources available through state and local health departments and retail pharmacies. Simply enter your ZIP code in the search tool.

COVID-19 Vaccine Locator

Testing and treatment coverage

APWU Health Plan covers COVID-19 testing and treatment at no cost for members when services are performed in-network. If you have questions, contact your primary care doctor or clinic.

100% in-network coverage includes:

  • Inpatient and outpatient care for COVID-19 treatment
  • Visits to health care providers, urgent care centers, and the emergency room when the visit results in an order for or administration of a COVID-19 diagnostic test
  • COVID-19 testing when a clinical professional prescribes it, including antibody testing

Telehealth visits are available at no cost

Virtual visits are a great option for both medical and mental health care when you need to see a doctor without leaving home. As an APWU Health Plan member, you pay $0 per telehealth visit when you use the plan’s providers. The plan waives all deductibles, coinsurance, and copays.

  • See and talk to a doctor 24 /7 from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • If needed, doctors can send a prescription to your local pharmacy.

Virtual visits are available through Amwell, Teladoc, and Doctor on Demand. Call 1-855-615-8335 or log in to® and choose Connect with a doctor online.

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Order maintenance medications from home

APWU Health Plan offers a convenient mail order program for members with long-term prescriptions. The program offers free delivery for 90-day refills.

Consumer Driven Option Pharmacy Program

COVID-19 Prevention

COVID-19 Testing and Treatment