Postal Orientation Toolbox

Resources for newly hired employees

Congratulations on your new position with the United States Postal Service. Here, you’ll find links to important information about the APWU Health Plan, along with enrollment instructions and forms.

New U.S. Postal Service employees

  • Have 60 days to enroll
  • Can change enrollment during Open Season
  • Can change enrollment for qualifying life events

Ready to enroll?

Learn how to enroll as a USPS employee in the APWU Health Plan

Health Benefits Election Form

Use standard form (SF) 2809 to:

  • Switch designated eligible family member
  • Enroll or reenroll in the FEHB Program
  • Elect not to enroll in the FEHB Program (employees only)
  • Change your FEHB enrollment
  • Cancel your FEHB enrollment
  • Suspend your FEHB enrollment (annuitants or former spouses only)

Downloadable materials

New non-career postal support employees (PSEs)

  • Enroll within 60 days of completing your 360-day initial appointment
  • Enroll during Open Season

Ready to enroll?

Learn how to enroll as a PSE in the APWU Health Plan

Downloadable materials