Mental health and substance misuse disorder help for Consumer Driven Option members

For many years, mental health was a taboo topic. Going to see a mental health provider was frowned upon. But now we recognize the benefit of mental health services, which can help people deal with problems from stress to anxiety and depression when they need it the most.

From learning how to cope with a chronic condition, to family challenges like adoption and caregiving, to help for substance misuse disorder and more, our behavioral health partner, UHC Behavioral Health Solutions, can offer assistance and steer you toward qualified participating service providers in your area.

Precertification for inpatient services is required. Before going to the hospital, you or a family member can call UHC Behavioral Health Solutions at 1-800-718-1299, and they will assist you in identifying the closest hospital in your network that is most suited to your needs.

Precertification Instructions