Your Consumer Driven Option hearing benefits

What the plan covers

Hearing services In-network you pay Out of network you pay
Diagnostic hearing tests (every 2 years) 15% 50% of the Plan allowance*
Hearing aid (every 3 years) All charges in excess of $1,500 All charges in excess of $1,500
* If there is a difference between the allowance and billed amount, the member is responsible for that difference.

Get the most from life’s moments with UnitedHealthcare Hearing

As a Consumer Driven Option member, you can access over 2,000 name-brand models and styles of hearing aids at significant savings through UnitedHealthcare Hearing. Choose virtual care with hearing aid home delivery or in-person care at more than 7,000 hearing providers nationwide. Plus, get in-person or virtual support for every stage of your hearing health journey.

For more information, call 1-855-523-9355, TTY 711, or visit UnitedHealthcare Hearing.