Dental benefits for High Option members

Choose your option for dental coverage

High Option Plan members receive certain dental benefits as part of the medical plan, but you can get additional coverage by enrolling in the APWU Health Plan Dental Insurance Plan. High Option Plan members can also receive extra dental discounts by completing a Health Risk Assessment or enrolling in the Voluntary Benefits Plan Dental Program.

APWU Health Plan Dental Insurance Plan

Anyone who is eligible to sign up for an APWU Health Plan can enroll in the APWU Health Plan Dental Insurance Plan. Members pay a separate premium for this plan and can use any dentist they choose. There is no deductible for preventive services, including exams, X-rays, and cleanings. A $50 deductible per person applies to basic and major services. The Plan pays 80% of the reasonable and customary charges for basic services and 50% of the reasonable and customary charges for major services.

The High Option Plan offers routine dental care coverage

The High Option Plan pays 70% of the Plan allowance for dental services, including office visits, exams, cleanings, X-rays of all types, fluoride treatment, restorative care (fillings), and simple extractions. The member is responsible for 30% of the cost, plus any difference between our allowance and the billed amount (no deductible).

Receive an extra dental discount

High Option Plan members who complete a Health Risk Assessment will be enrolled in the CignaPlus Savings discount dental program. The program includes access to discounts with participating dental providers.

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Enroll in the Voluntary Benefits Plan Dental Plan

The Voluntary Benefits Plan Dental Program is an optional program with an additional premium that supplements the dental benefits in your APWU Health Plan coverage. The cost of these benefits is not included in the FEHB premium and any charges for these services do not count toward any FEHB deductibles or out-of-pocket maximum co-pay charges, etc. These benefits are not subject to the FEHB disputed claims review procedure.

All participants in the APWU Health Plan who enroll in the Voluntary Benefits Plan Dental Plan will receive discounted premiums for this program versus the general public. You can sign up for this plan either during enrollment in your health plan, or at any time throughout the year.