Are you eligible to enroll in an APWU Health Plan?

APWU Health Plan has been providing comprehensive healthcare coverage at an affordable price since 1960. The Health Plan is a national preferred provider organization (PPO) that offers both a fee-for-service High Option plan and a Consumer Driven Option plan. Both options are open to most employees and retirees covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program.

As an APWU Health Plan member, you can rely on:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • A nationwide network of 1.7+ million providers
  • No referrals needed
  • Two solid plans to choose from
  • Affordable premiums
  • Personal member service

All federal employees are welcome

All federal employees, U.S. Postal Service employees, and retirees may enroll in an APWU Health Plan—as long as you’re eligible for the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program.

The smartest $35 you’ll ever spend

You don’t have to be a postal worker to choose an APWU Health Plan. Just become an associate member of the APWU. That’s it. The union will bill your annual $35 membership dues after you enroll in a health plan. You don’t have to take any other special action.

Postal Service employees are eligible

The APWU Health Plan welcomes all U.S. Postal Service employees.

Bargaining unit employees

As a bargaining unit employee, you must be a dues-paying member of the APWU (except where exempt by law) to enroll in a health plan. After you enroll, your local union will bill you directly. Please note that membership dues vary by APWU local.

Outside the bargaining unit

Letter carriers, mail handlers, rural carriers, and other employees in non-APWU bargaining units may enroll in a health plan by becoming associate members of the union. The union will bill your annual $35 membership dues after you enroll in a health plan.

Postal support employees (PSE)

After completing your 360-day initial appointment, you may enroll in the plan’s Consumer Driven Option. The Postal Service pays 75 percent of the premium. With other plans, you’ll pay 100 percent of the premium.

Retirees are eligible, too

The APWU Health Plan is a great option for retired Postal Service workers and federal employees.

As a retired bargaining unit employee, you may enroll in an APWU Health Plan if you were represented by the APWU before you retired and are a member in good standing of the APWU or of the APWU Retirees Department. After you enroll in the plan, the union will bill you directly for your annual $35 membership dues.

We’d love to have you join us.

Consider the benefits of enrolling in an APWU Health Plan. New members can enroll during Open Season, or within 60 days of new employment, or after a qualifying life event. Each year, Open Season runs from the Monday of the second full workweek in November through the Monday of the second full workweek in December.