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How to lose 15 pounds: Science-backed tips for weight loss

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know how hard it can be. While fad diets may lead to temporary weight loss, the most effective way to lose weight—and keep it off—is to eat a healthy diet, stay active, and take steps to manage stress. In addition to helping you control your weight, making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle can improve your mental health and protect your overall well-being.

How to get rid of a headache

Whether you experience intense pounding pain that comes on suddenly or a dull ache that lasts for days, a headache can slow you down and cause you to miss work. Stress, certain foods, and changes in your sleep pattern often result in a headache, but in some cases there’s no clear cause. Here are some tips on relieving your discomfort and reducing your chances of getting a headache in the first place.

10 tips to overcome social isolation and loneliness

Levels of loneliness and social isolation in America have reached an all-time high. More than a quarter of the US population lives alone—the highest rate ever recorded—as marriage rates have declined. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of adults aged 45 and older feel lonely. However, building connections with others is easier than you may think. Incorporating simple, effective strategies to enhance your well-being can help you overcome feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

Exercises to reduce lower back pain

If you suffer from low back pain, you’re not alone. Up to 80 percent of U.S. adults experience low back pain at some point in life, and the condition becomes more common as you age. Fortunately, a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises can relieve lower back pain, improve your mobility, and enhance your quality of life.

12 superfoods for a healthy diet

While no single food offers all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and prevent diseases, superfoods are nutrient-rich natural foods that can promote a healthier lifestyle. Some superfoods are associated with heart health, while others can help improve your immune system, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, or prevent cancer. If you’re looking for foods with exceptional nutrient density that may deliver health benefits, here are a dozen superfoods to add to your grocery list.

Should you take statins for high cholesterol?

If you have high cholesterol or an elevated risk of developing heart disease, your doctor may prescribe a statin. These life-saving medications can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke and are often the most reliable way to treat high LDL (or bad) cholesterol. As with any drug, statins may have side effects, including headaches, nausea, and muscle aches, but for the vast majority of high-risk patients, the benefits outweigh the risks.

12 ways to exercise without going to the gym

Physical activity is good for your body and mind, but it’s hard to find time to exercise when you’re busy. And not everyone likes to go to the gym. As a result, less than a quarter of U.S. adults get the exercise they need. If you’re trying to be more active, it’s time to change the way you think about what qualifies as exercise. Here are some tips to help you get fit without setting foot on a treadmill or picking up a dumbbell.

Postpartum depression: What to do when the baby blues don’t go away

Becoming a mother is an exciting transition that changes you in unexpected ways and gives you a new perspective on life. It’s a time of joy, but many new moms experience intense mood swings after giving birth. One minute you feel happy, only to break down crying the next. The baby blues are a normal part of early motherhood and usually go away within a few weeks of your delivery. But if your symptoms persist and begin to affect your quality of life, you may have postpartum depression.

How to soothe a sore throat: Home remedies that actually work

When you have a sore throat, you may experience mild discomfort or a burning sensation when you swallow or talk, and the back of your throat may feel irritated or scratchy. Sore throats can be caused by anything from allergies and the common cold to bacterial infections like strep throat and other conditions. In many cases, simple home remedies can help ease your pain.

Can healthy habits reduce your risk of depression?

Many factors play a role in the risk of developing depression. Although we can’t change our genetics, making healthy lifestyle choices can have a positive effect on both our physical and mental well-being. In fact, lifestyle may play a more significant role than genetic risk factors for depression. Researchers have identified seven healthy lifestyle habits that can help protect your long-term mental health and well-being.