Coping with COVID-19 stress and anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on our emotional wellbeing. Social distancing can make us feel isolated, while surges in new cases cause stress and anxiety. Learning how to manage stress can help you face challenges head on and become more resilient.

If you’re feeling worried or stressed about COVID-19, call the Optum toll-free help line at 1-866-342-6892. A caring professional will connect you to resources to help you cope with stress in healthier ways.

Find emotional support resources online

Visit the Live and Work Well COVID-19 Support Center to learn how to be mindful and keep your stress in check. You’ll find COVID-19 FAQs, resources, articles, coping strategies, tips, and more.

Live and Work Well also provides emotional support resources and information related to relationships, mental health, crisis support, and legal issues.

To access the resources, follow these steps:

1. Select Browse as a Guest with a company access code

2. Enter Guest in the access code field and select Enter

Behavioral health resources for APWU Health Plan members

As an APWU Health Plan member, you have access to mental health and substance use services that can help you feel better and more in control of your emotional wellbeing.